Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wake Up Wednesday Update...

I am Momma Hear Me Roar's Wake Up Wednesdays turn out to be as sweet as I thought they would be!
So I complimented many strangers and friends and co-workers this week. It was so nice to always be seeing the positive in those around me and helped me have a very positive week!
As for the letter well I wrote it, actually I wrote 4 ..... call me an over achiever but I couldn't decide who to write to and these four people kept swimming around in my mind so I decided to write to them all. I really did write to them all but like I said I suck at mailing it, I meant to mail it today after work but I was so tired and forgot until right now... oops

I will mail it tomorrow ok I promise!  Someone remind me will ya, just in case! Writing these letters made me realize how I have SO many wonderful, strong, admirable people in my life surrounding me, Thank you everyone for all of your love, support and strength you really buoy me up!!

This week we are supposed to Visit someone elderly .. it's a great idea and makes me think of my Grandpa who is turning 91 tomorrow. I love my Grandpa so much he is such a sweet, fun, Lovely man and I have learned so much from him! I wish I could pop down to visit him this week! Love you Grandpa and have a wonderful Birthday!!!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wedding Brain..

So today was the day of all days for brides to be in Calgary. The huge wedding fair! I went and although it was chalk a block full of people still had a wonderful time. I entered my name in a bajillion draws to win stuff and although I really think at some point after receiving a ton of annoying emails and such I will regret it for now I'm thinking it will all be worth it, particularly if I win that trip to Tahiti!!! crossing my fingers and knocking on wood and all those other great things to not jinx this win.

I really enjoyed watching the fashion show and I was sitting in the second row so had an awesome view of all the dresses and such. I have already bought my dress so I wasn't as much interested in the dresses although it was nice to see that I still think my dress is a billion times more fabulous than any other dress on that runway! I was however noticing the head wear as I plan on making my own hair piece and veil and although there are a lot of styles I like I'm still not solid on exactly how I want it. I got a few great ideas and some inspiration and definitely some DO NOT DO (for example do not make it look like I have a helicopter made out of tulle on my head).

I am rather excited though to have a photo booth at my wedding :) it will be SO much fun, Kelly thinks it's not so much fun for guys but he said as long as I could find a way to fit it in the budget he's fine with it! So I cut the flowers completely out! And we will use the booth photo's as our favors so GOODBYE flowers and "traditional" favors and HELLO fun times photo booth!! whoot!

 It was a good day and it'll be an even better day when I get that phone call or email telling me I have won a honeymoon! keep your fingers crossed for me!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Blogger inspired Blogging.....

So I am starting to explore more the blogging world and found a blog called I am Momma - Hear Me Roar. I have read a few of her posts but don't check in every day. Today I checked in and read her post from yesterday and was inspired. As of the new year she has started what she calls Wake Up Wednesdays, basically every Wednesday she posts an idea to think outside ourselves and offer small service to those around us. Every week you can check back and she will have another little idea posted and will fill you in on how the last week went for her and you can also comment on how the week went for you. (Have I lost anyone...) If you want to read about why she started wake up Wednesdays and what they are all about in her words you can find that here.

I love this idea and so have decided to follow along and participate. Plus I think it will be fun to blog about it and let you all know about my experiences. Last week she challenged herself and others to give compliments to strangers, this idea intrigues me because I think I am comfortable giving compliments and often do but I like the idea of making a more conscious effort to find the good in others. Because I loved the idea so much I decided I'm going to do it along with this weeks wake up Wednesday which is to write a letter to someone you admire. Check back and find out my progress, but until them maybe you want to join in the fun!

Oh and about that crocheted project, it is on hold as I left it behind at a friends house so I will have to tell you all about it at a later date!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

to knit or not to knit...

So this week I reminded myself how to knit again it's fun but I put down my project so fast and then started a crochet project... So I wonder am I just not a knitter? But really I think I just find crochet faster because I'm better at it. With practice I bet I could get quick! I'm just so unmotivated to start, I don't want to make another scarf I want to make something more exciting. Does anybody know of any good easy knitting patterns that will get me excited and practicing so I can be better at knitting. My goal is to make cute little knit sweaters and dresses for my kids (yup I wanna be one of those moms, the kind who sew and knit and craft their kids the cutest dang outfits ever!)

Well if you know of any good easy beginner knitting patterns let me know cause one day I want to be able to make this....

and this.....

and this.... and more!

By the way all of these pics are collected as inspiration from the internet and are not mine.

Pics and info on my latest crochet project coming soon (ish)!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

It's not just the process....

So I figured this blog could be a great place to keep people not only updated about my thoughts and feelings and life, but also my lovely creations. When I make my sewing, felting, artsy masterpieces it's not just about the process for me... I LOVE making the stuff. But I get SO excited for the finished product... and when I'm done I just want to show everybody I know! Mostly cause I'm so happy about how it turned out. I guess this blog would be an awesome place to do that... So here goes.  First project of the new year... well really it was finished in Dec but close enough... And besides, my blog, my rules! ha ha.
Good friends of ours had a baby girl this Christmas which is so exciting. It is the first baby to be born into the tight knit group of friends that Kelly grew up with and still hangs out with often, so it is really kinda a big deal. I decided to whip out some of the old patterns I have from garage sale finds and make a modern twist on a vintage baby outfit. It turned out so so cute.
This is the Pattern I used... (can't believe it originally cost 85 cents... I'm sure I ended up getting it for less than the 25 cent price because I bought a whole handful for a dollar or something like that)

I focused more on this little version of it.....

Don't you just love the look of vintage patterns? I really do I feel so inspired when I use them it's so much fun...
Anyways so I decided to make the little dress out of denim because I always have denim ... (a long time ago one of the fabric stores was going out of business and everything was super marked down so I bought a TON of denim.) Anyways.... I thought the denim might be a bit rough on baby so I went to find something cutesy and skully to line the denim in and found the cutest flannelet it was perfect.
I lined the dress with the flannelet and made the little bloomers or diaper covers or panties (whatever you like to call them) just out of the flannelet and added some skull details on the front of the dress and on the bum of the bottoms.... Turned out great... here it is the finished product!
I hope baby Violet enjoys wearing this as much as I did making it for her!
Can't wait to see pictures of her in it, Congrats Steve and Renae!

The wonderful world of blogging...

I've been thinking about this for a while. A little nervous I must admit to enter the big wild world of blogging but I think it could be great fun, so I'm optimistic.